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Health Care

Health Care

Health is an essential component at JSF, because we are aware of the present and looming threats to people’s health and safety.

We provide healthcare to urbanized areas with low-income earners. JSF’s health and nutrition programs include renovating and building health centers, equipping existing health centers with medical supplies, training on hygiene, health camps, distributing sanitary wear to girls, Mama kits to expectant mothers, to mention a few.

We are also committed to spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS among high-risk groups and assisting those infected with care and support.

Our health programs are categorized into two segments as shown below;

Primary Health

  • Family Planning & Maternal health.
    • Nutrition and child Immunization.
    • Distribution of reusable sanitary pads to girls.
    • HIV/AIDS testing & counselling.
    • Free Medical and Eye Camps.
    • Malaria screening.

 Secondary Health

  • Mobile clinics/camps.
  • Ambulance System.
    • Building and Renovating Clinics and Hospitals.
    • Distributing Medicine, Medical Supplies, and Medical Equipment.


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