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Economic Development

Economic Development

We firmly believe in empowering the vulnerable people through a range of social and economic development programs.

These programs help individuals acquire the knowledge and skills to independently plan and manage their own affairs as we continue to render assistance to these communities to improve the socio-economic activities in the urbanized and congested areas of Kampala and Nakawa.

The target groups include low-income earners in urbanized areas where opportunities are scant and resources are limited. We aim to help these vulnerable people realize their potential and become self-sufficient and gain the self-respect they deserve through the programs we run.

Our programs help achieve greater financial independence and self-reliance for individuals, families, and communities, helping to improve both social and economic development.

Partnering with communities at a grassroots level and exploring issues of socio-economic development through our projects strengthen the community’s capacity to earn and improve access to existing health, education, and nutrition services.

Entrepreneurial Activities include;

  • Entrepreneurship and Vocational training.
  • Empowering Village saving and loan’s association (VSLA)
  • Build capacity of Youth Owned Livelihood & Micro-Enterprises.


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