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Who We Are

Who We Are

Joel Ssenyonyi Foundation is a non-profit organization, non-political, established and registered in 2021. It (JSF) was licensed on the 09th Feb 2022, as an NGO with the government of Uganda under NGO Act 2016 (Registration No. MIA/NB/2021/12/4896).

The Joel Ssenyonyi Foundation (JSF) aims at contributing to the betterment of people’s lives in the areas of Health, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sanitation, Environmental protection, Socio-economic development, and Sports.

Whether it be responding to disasters and emergencies, promoting sustainable economic and social development, strengthening the well-being of people, providing relevant training, or building infrastructure, JSF is interested in cushioning the lives of especially the vulnerable people in society.

We at JSF are committed to our philosophy of improving the quality of life of people by giving them a hand-up and not just a hand-out.

Our Vision

Improved quality of life for vulnerable communities in urban areas.

Our Mission

To give vulnerable communities in urban areas a hand-up regarding Health, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sanitation, Sports, and Socio-economic development, with the view of improving quality of life. 

Core Value


We mean what we say and say what we mean. Our operations must at all times be transparent.


Whatever we do should be visible to the people and to our partners, and the resources generated must be put to proper use for the benefit of the people.


Our signature mark is our work and service to the people.


We believe that everyone deserves to be aided regardless of their gender, tribe, age, creed, or political affiliation. We loathe discrimination of all forms.


  1. To promote poverty eradication programs.
  2. To contribute to the betterment of healthcare.
  3. To provide assistance in educating children who can’t afford basic education.
  4. To provide family planning awareness to both men and women.
  5. To ensure that sanitation and environmental protection are embraced by communities.
  6. To provide charitable financial assistance for the improvement of livelihoods.
  7. To promote saving and investment among different groups in communities such as SACCOS.
  8. To empower women and girls so they can be economically productive and also participate in the affairs of society.
  9. To equip people with basic legal knowledge.


JSF specializes in customer satisfaction.

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