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JSF Accountability

JSF Accountability

Accountability is central to the work we do, at both operational and management levels. First and foremost, we are accountable to the communities with whom we work. Good communication is key to achieving optimum transparency and we encourage open and honest dialogue and listening carefully to people’s needs, ideas and feedback.

Donor accountability is similarly important and we work hard to maintain and develop appropriate and effective accountability systems. In addition to producing individual reports on each project activity, each year we publish our annual report, providing a comprehensive account of our activities, finances, reflections, and future goals.

We intend to continually aim at excellent results, monitored internally and externally by professional auditing bodies. The JSF properly maintains documents pertaining to financial transactions (balance sheets, income & expenditure statements, etc.) in an easily retrievable form.

Salaries and petty cash registers, fixed assets registers, etc. are regularly maintained. The audit is the review mechanism that provides assurance to senior management on the effectiveness of internal controls as well as coordinating the financial management processes within the organization.

This is done every year by professionally qualified accountants. The names of banks and auditors of the organization are availed to the board members. An annual audit is conducted regularly and the audit report is duly circulated to the board members.


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